Workswell WIRIS 2nd gen

Workswell WIRIS 2nd gen is currently the most state-of-the-art thermal imaging system designed for commercial unmanned aerial vehicles, so called drones. It is a compact system that combines a thermal camera, a digital camera (set to a visible spectrum), and a processor unit that has possibility to record radiometric data with a digital HDMI output, all in one case.

Workswell WIRIS 2nd gen is a revolutionary product in its category, mainly due to the real-time control by a standard RC radio transmitter directly on the drone, providing many options. Using one button only, it is possible to remotely save fully radiometric imaging data (single pictures and also videos), to change temperature scale settings, measurement parameters (emissivity and apparent reflected temperature), temperature alarms, etc. The system is unique because of these possibilities.

Workswell WIRIS 2nd gen
Workswell WIRIS 2nd gen2

Workswell WIRIS 2nd gen

Since the end of 2016, the second generation of Workswell labelled “WIRIS 2nd gen” has been available. Apart from its temperature range extended up to 1500°C (using a high temperature filter), the second generation of the Workswell WIRIS product offers the following functions:

  • SBus
  • CAN bus
  • A faster 10Hz GPS with a jack connector
  • The new TIFF format for storage of images
  • A possibility of controlling the equipment through TCP/IP
  • Real time hours are significantly more accurate now
  • Digital outputs for the autopilot and GPS synchronisation
  • An integrated stabilised source for the RC receiver
  • 4 openings for an easier installation on the gimbal

For this reason, there are currently only 7 digital PWM inputs available (the eight being used for the SBus).